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August 5 - October 15, 2017
Carkeek Park
950 Carkeek Park Road
Seattle WA 98177

2017 Heaven & Earth IX Artists:

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Sponsored by:
Carkeek Park Advisory Council
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Associated Recreational Council
Office of Arts & Culture
ArtSite Ltd.

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Cultivate(d): Heaven & Earth IX
August 5 - October 15, 2017

Opening Saturday, August 5, 5:00 pm
Carkeek Park at the hairpin turn near Puget Sound View and the playground

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Welcome to Cultivate(d): Heaven & Earth IX at Carkeek Park.

Since 2009, the Heaven & Earth exhibition series has served as a kind of incubator for experiments in environmental art. Through generous support of the Carkeek Park Advisory Council and its parent organization Associated Recreation Council, as well as various arts organizations over the years (CoCA, Seattle Arts & Culture, 4Culture), the series has distributed approximately $80,000 to more than 95 artists. For 2017, guest-curator ArtSite Ltd. identified Cultivat(ed) as a theme:

When we cultivate, we invest our time, energy and resources into an existing environment or relationship (even with ourselves) to foster growth. This may mean working the earth or learning a new skill or reaching out to our neighbors to strengthen our communities. We invite artists to demonstrate what they hope for when they cultivate and/or what they realize as a result of cultivating.

The exhibition begins this year on Saturday, August 5 at 5:00 pm and is open daily, dawn till dusk.

While each of the artists create work that is capable of enduring throughout the summer, the unpredictable nature of an unsecured setting visited by an estimated 100,000 people, combined with the vicissitudes of the environment (wind, rain, bioturbation, erosion, earthquake, etc.), create a dynamic and open-ended experience that we urge you to explore on repeat visits as the installations inevitably submit to alteration and change. As you hike the roughly three-mile trail connecting the artworks, you'll also pass features like old-growth stumps with springboard notches, dead trees pecked into shapes by Pileated woodpeckers, and piles of ivy gathered by volunteer forest stewards and piled on log platforms: in the presence of the intentional art, we hope you’ll (re)discover the aesthetic appreciation of nature.

Thanks to all our volunteers and thank you for visiting. May the trail unfold before you; may the muses of Heaven and Earth accompany you on your journey.

Maps and information, as well as an archive of all nine years of the ongoing Heaven and Earth project, are available at this website. See the menu in the left column.

On behalf of everyone involved, especially the artists, welcome to this year’s exhibition. Questions: art@carkeekpark.org

Katalina Chung and Collin Bampton "Cusp" Rodger Squirrell "The Larvae" Elizabeth Gahan "Synthetic Blossoms" Savina Mason "Secret Drumlin" Ted Larson "Our Borders"