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Heaven and Earth 2: 2010
Heaven and Earth 3: 2011
Heaven and Earth 4: 2012
Heaven and Earth 5: 2013
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Printable Maps (pdf format):

letter size: 8 1/2" x 11"
tabloid size: 11" x 17"
original size: 17.5" x 14"

Participating Artists:

at Carkeek Park:
Anette Lusher
April Lelia
Thendara Kida Gee
Chris Papa
Barbara De Pirro
Gabriel Brown
Aaron Haba
Brian Gerich
Miguel Edwards
By Hand Fiber Consortium
Reginald Brooks
Stephen Rock
Zucker, Turner, Jacobson
Julie Lindell
Matt Babcock

at Point Shilshole Beach:
David Francis
Dan Smith
Sylwia Tur
Eden Rivers
Teresa Burrelsman

Sponsored by:

Center on Contemporary Art
Carkeek Park Advisory Council
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Associated Recreational Council

Supported by:


Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs


Potter Construction

contact David Francis or Ray Freeman to help support this year's show and artists.

Heaven and Earth III: Cycles of Return

Dan Smith Teresa Burrelsman Julie Lindell Peppé Miguel Edwards April Lelia David Francis Sylwia Tur Matt Babcock Stephen Rock Reginald Brooks By Hand Fiber Consortium Brian Gerich Aaron Haba Gabriel Brown Barbara De Pirro Zucker, Turner, Jacobson Chris Papa Thendara Kida-Gee Anette Lusher
Click on individual numbered squares to see more about the artist and the artwork.
The sculpture map includes both Carkeek Park and Point Shilshole Beach

Catalog Release Party, September 10, 6-9pm
CoCA Georgetown Gallery at Seattle Design Center
Suite 262, 5701 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108

Celebrate the exhibition and preview copies of the catalog, which will be avaiable for order!
Preview 27Mb.pdf here: http://www.cocaseattle.org/books/preview/heaven+earth3_web.pdf

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Sculpture Removed from Exhibition
September 2, 2011

Brian Gerich's "Consistency" was removed today by a Parks Department employee who felt that the cables supporting the artwork might be damaging one of the trees, destroying the artwork in the process.

CoCA regrets this incident, apologizes to the artist, and is exploring the breakdown in communication that led to this piece being removed without any prior communication with either the artist or CoCA.

Opening Reception Saturday, July 9, 2-5pm
Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center
950 Carkeek Park Road, Seattle, WA 98177

Artwork on display July 9 - October 9, 2011
Curated by David Francis

With additional funding from 4Culture's Site Specific program and the Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, the Heaven and Earth outdoor artwork exhibit returns for a third year with an expanded roster of artists. In addition to Carkeek Park, a satellite of the show explores the Puget Sound marine environment at Point Shilshole Beach in Ballard. Seattle Parks and Recreation estimated that 150,000 people visited Carkeek Park during the display period last summer. The exhibition this year features 21 artists with 20-25 artworks located throughout the park and 10 more at Point Shilshole. A walking tour of the Carkeek portion of the exhibit takes about an hour and a half, but some work can be seen in much less time, including a variety of work visible from the access road. Maps can be downloaded for free at CoCA's website beginning July 9. A catalog of this year's exhibit will be released in August.

The exhibition is made possible by a unique three-way partnership between the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Carkeek Park Advisory Council. As before, the theme concerns the natural world in a time of dramatic change. Some of the art is designed to weather in place and erode while other work incorporates movement and interactive use by visitors.

In reviews by the Seattle Times, City Arts, The Art of Science, REI Blog, and the Seattle Weekly, the 2010 exhibition was recognized for its unique combination of art in a wooded urban park, among the only such exhibitions in the country. While art in downtown parks is typical of many cities, only Seattle features art in the forest. As Michael Upchurch, writing for the Seattle Times, wrote, "(t)here's a hide-and-seek aspect to finding the artworks as you walk the park trails, and one side effect is that you wind up looking at natural phenomena with an 'aesthetic' eye." Like the two previous incarnations, this year's show is sure to "slow you down, draw you in and sharpen your eye." (Upchurch, Seattle Times)

Sponsored by:

Apulent Events and Catering

Art Identification:

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